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Tufesa Internacional

Hermosillo a Tucson

7 salidas

01:15 ... 22:50

6 hrs 20 min

$656 MXN

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Marvel at the mysteries of the desert! Tucson is located in the hot state of Arizona and is one of the major cities of the 'Corredor del Sol'  (The Sun Corridor), a route between the United States and the state of Sonora, México, it is a desert paradise that you must enjoy traveling by bus!  During your stay visit the , a movie studio and theme park built in the 30s to record movies of the Old West.

The park was opened to the public 20 years later.

You'll love going to the   an ecological preserve over a hundred years old.

The place is guarded by huge cacti soldiers that shield the habitat of desert species like coyotes, roadrunners, snakes, eagles, hawks and more.  Ready for your next adventure? Popular routes to Tucson are: buses from Hermosillo to Tucson, Guadalajara to Tucson or from El Paso.

The main bus lines that travel to this warm city are: and

Buy bus tickets online, you'll love Tucson!.